The Honor of Being a Father

Being a father is an honor. In noun form, honor means high respect, esteem and a privilege. As a verb, it means to regard with great respect, fulfill an obligation, keep an agreement. We can take all of these definitions and wrap them together to see that being a father should involve great respect by the man for this office; knowing that there is an agreement to be kept; understanding there are obligations to be fulfilled.

Regard your position as a father as an honor. It does not mean that you have to reach a certain level of education. It does not mean that you need to do what everyone thinks you should do. It does not mean that your children should bow to you.

It does, however, mean that you need to be honorable, respectful and trustworthy. It means that you need to think ahead before you act on your impulses. It does mean that you may not get what you want because your family has needs. It does mean that you will grow and mature if you seek to make good decisions (and you should seek this).

This generation that we live in (the selfie generation) will not advance your maturity. It will advance your selfishness and immaturity. Strive to be in contact with those around you. Seek to know those who should be close to you. Encourage them to know you and seek to know them.

Years ago, it was kinda fun to complete questionnaires, trade them and see what you didn’t know about others. Every now and then, you see them on Facebook as a copy and paste thing but you usually see someone post and say “Come on, somebody else play this with me” when actually, they just want someone read theirs. People just do not realize that the relationship world is opposite of what it seems. You need to give to get, not take, take, take. No one wants to be around a taker for very long.

Zig Ziglar put it this way. “You can get what you want, if you help enough people get what they want”. Most people relate what he is saying to sales, after all, he was a famous salesman. The odd thing is that this applies to relationships too.

It takes seeking interest in a multitude of people before anyone seeks genuine interest in you. It takes helping a multitude of people before anyone seeks to genuinely help you. It takes giving a multitude before anyone seeks to give to you…before anyone seeks to. Do you see those words? Let them sink in. Before anyone seeks to.

Why did the Bible say that it was better to give than to receive? Because giving works on your heart. Taking requires no effort. To give often requires sacrifice.

So why did I go there? True fatherhood requires sacrifice. Giving and giving and giving and giving without seeing return for years…and a giver is respected, esteemed and privileged…honored. Be that father.