Trust and fear

So I have been on vacation (as you could probably tell) and have not posted for a few days.  I have been working on some other projects and spending time with my family.  This post has been in the incubator for a couple of weeks and brewing during that time.  I am scolding myself in much of it but many of my posts are aimed at myself and you get the brunt of it as well.  Welcome back…it’s therapy time.

I have heard that when analyzing problems, when you get to the 5th “why”, you are probably at the source rather than the symptoms.  Sometimes, habits that are holding us back are sourced by something totally different and deeper.  Just like putting a bandaid on cancer…

Why is it that many of us just leave everything in our heads?  Are we actually thinking that when the time is right, that special idea that we had 3 weeks ago will just POP in there…or maybe even something better?

This is one thing that I did learn from my earthly father, but not a good system for it.  He would talk to someone in person or on the phone, jot down the information on a small sheet of paper and then file it…in his wallet.  This worked fine for short term contacts but over time, the wallet became unmanageable.

This method is very much like many productivity habits that we have.  Part of it works well but another part leaves it lacking in efficiency.  No method made by someone else is perfect for you unless tweaked.  This is also like many self-help books and methods.

The simplicity to this is that we rely on our own intellect too much.  God has provided a wealth of experienced teachers at our disposal and made Himself available at all times for us to counsel with.   Yet some of us rely on only our own thoughts for guidance.

Basically this comes down to an issue of trust.  Living life while only trusting yourself can be a miserable existence.  Think about it.  What if you had to figure out the intricacies of math, gardening, home repair and banking all by yourself with no one to guide you.  What if you decided that you just want to experience the mistakes that others have made before you, just to cement your own belief.

To what degree do you take it?  Do you want to invent the wheel again and marvel at how well it works?


How about the incandescent light bulb?  Do you want to reinvent it so you can say “Wow, look what I did”?  No, that would be ridiculous because you would still be riding on centuries of knowledge discovered about physics and electricity (and personally, you do not have the time).

This still comes down to an issue of trust and fear; no one to trust and fear that someone will see you fail.  And that leads to the need to be transparent.

What is the reason for leaving things in our head and not writing them down for use later.  What if Einstein, who refused to memorize his own phone number, did not write down everything that led up to the discovery of the theory of relativity?  It is possible that Einstein would not be a household name.  What if he decided that he did not want to share it with anyone because he wanted to make sure that he got credit for it and no one else?  Truth is, that he was standing on giants’ shoulders to make the discovery.

I know that this is getting exhaustive but it proves the point.  You do not have to learn how to multiply all over again each time you set out to do an equation.  Why?  Because it was drilled into you.  Practice, practice, practice.  How? Not by going over things in your mind over and over but writing and using and writing and using, again and again.

My father’s habit of tucking numbers into his wallet was similar to never writing them down.  Most of the time after using the number for a couple of days, it would get “lost” in the plethora of other slips of paper, business cards and restaurant napkins, mostly to be thrown away when the wallet got too large to pocket.

How large is your mental wallet?  Are there ideas there that could be used to help others…or are they sitting upstairs waiting to be developed, for no one to use?


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