The Great Masquerade

Have you ever heard someone say “My, that was a noble gesture”?  What does that mean?  The  calling of NoblemanStands is contained in my explanation.


Over the next few weeks, the blog will be in transition.  More and more, I am challenged to make these changes and establish more of a footprint by influencing people, one by one.  I hope that my posts challenge you.  I believe that the world is lacking in noble character because society has made it into a self-serving action.


When people say “Well, that was a noble gesture”, those that the comment is aimed at need to understand something.  The comment is made because the one delivering it did not do the act.  It is an attempt to bring whatever type of euphoric feeling that the recipient is experiencing, down to the average self-serving individual…and to make the deliverer feel better about themselves not having the courage to do such.  That is really just the long way of saying “Stop being full of yourself”.


Writing this blog is along the same lines.  People can say and think “Tim, what qualifies YOU to tell others this kind of stuff?  You challenge others when you don’t do it all of the time.”  And here we are at the statement that is meant to get me to stop.  That is the challenge.  Going beyond criticism and doing what I know is my passion.  Challenging myself and others to embrace the noble characteristic that our fathers should have taught us and our Father teaches us now.


Society has placed this great masquerade in place so that people can hide behind their masks and pretend to be something they are not.  You see people in movies and shows, on commercials and websites proudly proclaiming that they do this and they drink that, they smile and laugh all of the time.  What they cannot show is the emptiness in their souls, because that does not sell the product that feeds their addiction of self.  They are addicted to self-promotion and the building up of themselves only.


The avenue of self-promotion is a slippery slope…one that must be kept in check often.


The pure calling and passion that I seek to promote here is actually an intangible.  The traits that fathers should teach are many and I believe that no matter what type of person you are, the noble character (“having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals”) is one to always strive for.

Because it challenges others to move from behind the great masquerade and act where others do not have the courage to.


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