Want to be more productive?  You may be going about it the wrong way…

The importance of process

This simple video was amazing to me.  I have thought at times that I do not have the time to teach my kids all that I want to so how can I do a bunch at once?  This video was an eye-opener to me because it showed how taking one project at a time and taking it to its end is more beneficial than handling a lot of assignments one step at a time.

For many years, I have created a plethora of “starts” but I had scattered my interests so far apart that I rarely got one finished.  This blog is one of those “starts” that I focus upon and have finished every time I click on “Publish.  It is altered every now and then to fit my fancy, but for the most part it is set up and rolling.

I have never considered myself a writer but over the last couple of years through my desire to become a better husband and father, a better man altogether, I have the desire to write even more to help other men become such.  My musings and writing are intended to inform about my own lessons learned and hindsight not to portray myself as perfect, which I am nowhere near.  I desire to write to encourage other men to strive for excellence more than they ever have.  I also wish for ladies to gain insight from this website to encourage the men they love to achieve bigger and better things.  Forward the posts to them if they prove to encourage them.

I include another video link that I suppose went viral.  After all, at this posting it has over 4 million views and it is sure to grow even more.

30 day challenges

It is about making small changes in your life and commit to them for 30 days.  Recently, my wife and I committed to 30 days of no meat and no processed foods.  It is called a challenge for a reason:  because it is challenging.  We did it because we just did not feel good as much as we thought we should.

So this is day 24 or so.  I just decided to do it and really not take notice of the days because I felt that we needed to make a permanent change anyway.  We bought a juicer and juiced occasionally to get extra nutrients.

Well, 28 pounds later for me and 20+ for my wife, we are feeling much better and she has been able to stop her blood pressure medications.  I would say that it is a success…and knowing that we are doing better, I can actually walk by junk food that I used to eat and say “If it was killing me to eat that, I would have no problem giving it up”.

So I am saying all of this to encourage you.   You can make those changes.  If you decided to take 1 challenge every 30 days that would better yourself, in a year you would make at least 12 possibly permanent changes to a better YOU.  After 12 months passes, you can either look back at the same person and have accomplished nothing or look at the person you are today and know that you have accomplished something…in fact many things.  It IS your choice.


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