Signs that you need a integrity level check

Are you ready for a different kind of post from me?

This is out of my norm…

  1. You do not see anything wrong with sex outside of marriage.  Notice I said “anything”.  There are plenty of things wrong and very little right.
  2. You are never bothered by any songs on popular radio.  Notice again, I said “Any”.  There are some things that should never be sung about, not even for shock value.  I hesitate to listen to most Top 40 stations because of this.  You wouldn’t dig in a restaurant’s dumpster to find a piece of cheesecake, would you? Get an MP3 and fill it with some decent stuff (if you can find it) or better yet, learn a new language or skill from audio.
  3. You think that viewing porn is ok under certain circumstances.  Your daughter or sister or wife being treated like that is ok?  Admit it, you need help.
  4. You put your hobbies ahead of your family.   There is a time and place for hobbies.  To replace your family time is not one of them.  Get up earlier to do your stuff or stay up later.  They are worth losing a little sleep.
  5. You like to show people on the highway how mad you can get by pulling up next to them and yelling, making obscene gestures, etc.  How many Proverbs can apply to this?  Grow up and treat people the way that you would like to be treated.

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