Step back

That feeling of being overwhelmed can be defeated by a little known fact.

Sometimes, when you get deeply involved in the circumstances of life, the other parts of your life struggle.  I used to wonder where people got all of the time to do the things that they did.  With juggling kids, work, church, sports and sometimes adding school and a part-time business, I did not see how it could be done.


I would try to do certain projects, only to get so involved in them that the other areas of my life suffered.  I also would shy away from other things because I felt incapable of doing them, knowing inside that I could but was leery of failure.  Therefore, many needed and attainable successes were passed over in lieu of mindless comfort (i.e. TV, internet, etc.)


While I am not perfect, I have realized something.  It started from a quote that I do not know the original author.  “When you stop learning, you start dying”.


I started college again 5 years ago to complete my bachelors degree because I realized that I had been dying.  My thoughts had been turned inward for too many years, looking to pacify my father’s absence.  I looked forward and saw that I was growing insignificant to those who I should matter the most to.  It was time to either move forward or slide further backward, never to attempt to achieve anything worth speaking of…just to listen to others and live in my own puddle of life.


Just as you would step back to get a good takeoff at a starting line, I went back to college to get a good takeoff.  Sometimes you need to step back to get a good start.

And even more than just that time, I have taken a step back before each major project’s undertaking to get a better perspective on things.

A step back can cause better aim and focus.


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