Have you ever thought about how you learn?  Now you may think the way most schools taught us is what I am talking about.  For the most part, reading, writing and testing is a good method but is it the most effective for you?

I will be the first to admit that reading is not my strong point and therefore, if I wasn’t able to get step 1 down, the other steps did not fall into place very well.


I read a book a few years ago for a college course that examined learning styles.  It was an active book…you know, those books with questions at the end of each chapter and space for you to write your answer.  Never have liked those kind of books.

So, the course has me study each chapter, one at a time and answer the questions online for only an instructor’s eyes.  I read about learning styles and answered questions that were uncomfortable about myself and submitted them.  While I found out, through this course, what my best method of learning was, something else happened that was momentous.  I read a book that I was just vaguely interested in, from cover to cover.  Yes, it might have been because I was paying money for the course, but it worked.  I learned the object of the course plus so much more.

Now, think about the last time you got really emotional about something.  It can be a time that you were sad, angry, happy or scared.  On the surface, what did you learn?  Was it to not enter into a relationship quickly?  Not to lend money to friends?  That showing your children is more fun than telling?  Maybe not to travel down a certain road over the posted speed limit?

That is on the surface, but ask yourself “Why?” a few times like in my previous post Move.  There is something deeper to be learned there.  For me, in the college course above, I realized that I learn by reading for a set amount of time, taking a break to do something else for a while and then returning to write about it.  I can churn out a top quality college paper afterwards, in no time at all.  But I also learned what was holding me back regarding my failures about reading a book cover to cover; a lesson that has changed the way I operate in life.

Examine the surface and look beneath…there is more.



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