Do you ever get overwhelmed with the thought of the things you have to do?  Does it ever feel like everything has a due date of “Today”?  Sometimes when you get up in the morning, are you hit with all the pressures of the day, week, month and year? And the rest of your life?

Although this may not be a constant issue, when it does happen, you can take steps to relieve the stress.  If you make the habit of meeting it head-on, eventually it can be a freeing process.  One that lets your mind break free of chains that keep you from performing at your best.

One habit you can start is doing what some would call a “brain dump”.


This is a habit that was made popular by the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen.   Depending on who you are, it can be done in the morning when you first get up or at night before you go to bed.  The feeling that you get from unloading it into the cloud server gives you freedom to think.  Consider it prayer, talking to God about it as you go. Just putting it out there rather than keeping it in yourself.  Because if you keep it in yourself, you are not relying on Him at all.  It is like saying “Not today, God.  I got this one.”

Really?  By your actions, do you say “I’m good.  Don’t need you right now” and move forward?

Making a good habit is more difficult than picking up a bad one because of just that reason:  the difference between “making” and “picking up”.  This is one habit that a directed effort to start, will yield less stress in your life.

Cast your cares…



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