To be or not to be

I read in the mornings, every morning unless I fail, which I do.  I pray in the mornings, every morning unless I fail.  I write in the mornings, every morning unless I fail.  I do all of these things in the morning because I made the choice to do them.  The reasons that I do them are many but the initial reason that I started, I cannot put my finger on.

I can say that a certain book inspired me.  It is a small book that was free online.  I am happy to give you the link to it but, truthfully, it may not move you to do the same.  By the way, the link is at the end of this post.

The point is that it is really up to you.  The necessity of starting is important but do you finish your start?  Whatever you are seeking to start, do you end up starting but not doing?  Do you feel like you life is a series of starts?

Well, actually it is.  For example, I started this marriage 25 years ago yesterday.  Over time, my wife and I were determined that whatever happened (Yes, whatever), we would not let divorce creep into our lives.  We had a couple of brushes with it but in the end of each “chapter” of our marriage, it came down to looking at our vows again and not considering divorce.  Has it been hard?  Yes, very difficult at times but I do see that even though there were times that we failed each other, the divorce option was not there.  That choice, itself, caused us to think differently about situations every time.

This choice of thinking differently, a gap if you will, is necessary to look at the habits that are not necessary to achieve your goals, and correct or eliminate them.  I am a former smoker.  I have quit and started smoking many times.  I tell some people that once I quit 3 times in one day…but I did quit (I am at five years now).  Robin Williams, playing a psychiatrist in Awakenings, had a line that summed it up very well.  He said, “You have got to decide whether you are a smoker or non-smoker…and be that”.

Finish your start.  Do not set goals to achieve, achieve goals to BE.



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