On my prayer list, I have things in 3 categories:  Thankful, Others and Myself.  Under the Thankful column, number 1 is this:  Thank You for this day and what You will do.  This morning, I got stuck there.  What will He do?  Will I notice it?  Will my day go by without me noticing anything to give Him credit for?  Will He do something right in front of me and I just say “Cool!”, not giving thanks for the Him showing it to me?


The truth is that many things will happen during our day that we could thank Him for and we will not notice.  In the grand scheme of things though, things are brought to our attention at times to guide our focus, give us direction and reveal our purpose to us and others.  While millions of events are happening around us, only a select few per day will be for guiding you alone and the intensity of their impact is determined by your receptiveness.

Therein comes the wall, the callous, the absorption of meaningful things into the past that we may never see.  Sometimes just knowing that you need to heighten your sensitivity, adjust your radar, is enough.

Look today for ways to be mindful of things that would otherwise go unnoticed.  Even if you have to schedule that time today, even if it is just 10 minutes, find that time…and give thanks to Him for those things.


One thought on “Unnoticed

  1. Dadman July 19, 2013 / 10:25 am

    For the last few years I have tried to remain cognizant of His work on a daily basis. How often the stress of daily life takes away from noticing what He is trying to show us. How often do we think of things like this and think, God should be doing GOOD things for me, I should be aware of the obvious good He does in my life today and thank Him. We also have to remember that occasionally plight and hardship are also His way of directing us where He wants us to be. That job you really wanted didn’t go well at the interview so you didn’t get it. A year later you started a different, better job for which we are normally very thankful, but not before we cursed under our breath for not getting the first job. Every moment is something to be thankful for; the trick is first noticing it and then knowing why you should be thankful for it! Thanks for sharing this bit of inspiration. I believe I was supposed to read this today so that I could remain faithfully cognizant of every little detail.

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