Turn the camera around and focus…

This society and its need for self promotion is very peculiar.  It is very different from the way I was raised.  The necessity to let everyone know what we’re doing fascinates me to the point that I wonder about its latent effects on future society.

For example, let’s say that you have a child and you teach the child that everything he does is important to everyone else and everyone wants to know what he is doing; from eating a hot dog to his whole trip to disneyworld.  The child goes into the world displaying relevant (and some irrelevant, of course) things that he is doing expecting that everyone else wants to know.

Soon, he finds that people are not responding to his displays of activity and he does 1 of 2 things:  he starts to withdraw from society gradually realizing that people are only interested in themselves OR he steps up the display to make himself more interesting, more outrageous, more apt to be noticed.

Now you have two extremes here and they may not be applying directly to your child but this put people into 2 categories:  watching or being watched.

Stop!  Hold that vision that you have right now.

Go back to the beginning and see where it started.

Now shift your teaching to letting the child know from day 1 that everything they do affects their surroundings.


 They see their actions differently rather than just seeing themselves.  They may still display much of what they are doing to the world but their intent is different.

Now turn the camera around.  Look at yourself and instead of taking a picture to show the world, take an inner picture, focusing beforehand on how you affect your immediate surroundings and your effects that you may not have realized before.  Those effects keep going and affecting long after you are done.


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