Shift of Perspective

Sometimes when I think about the times that I grew up, I look at the adults that I became acquainted with and wonder about how they held up.  Now that I know some of what they were dealing with but to a lesser degree, it is surprising how they even kept a smile on their face.  Some people may even say that about us if they knew about our past and present.

inTheirShoesThe ridiculous part about this is that I am in their shoes…whether it be situation, age, maturity or some other perspective, I have reached or surpassed many of them in those areas of when I remember them.  And I can see, for the most part, how they kept going.  Yes, I can say that my faith in Christ did it all but that is not something that comes easily.  It comes easier to those who have been taught to believe…Yes, I said taught to believe.  If your parent or parents provided a good example of how to believe by doing so themselves, it comes easier for their influential recipients to believe because believing is not just an action, it is a habit…and a good one.

We could go back and research the psychological aspects of child-rearing and its implications if you want, but the plain and simple truth is that if your parents believed, your “habit of believing” will come easier.

So why think about this now…it goes back to my saying “Are you working for your posterity or your posterior?”  You are in that seat now.  The time for parental influence is most likely over.  It is time for you to be the influence. Even if you do not have children, it is time for you to start making good habits for others who watch you, to follow.  Think of how weird it would be to say “Nobody taught me how to act in public so I am just going to act wrong in public”…but that is how many of us act.  We didn’t get something in our childhood because our parent(s) didn’t have it either and therefore, we sit and exist in our waste.

If you do not start changing it now, you will go on…sitting…in your waste.  Look around you, your chair, desk, home, life.  It is an example of what is left from your existence.

looking through glassesOk, so stop looking at your “waste” and realize that it will be here long after you are gone.  It will be here for your children and your acquaintances and the world to see.  Those people that you remember from growing up…they left legacy for you.  What do you remember about them?  That is their product or waste, depending on how it affected you.  That is their gift that kept on giving because you still remember it to this day.

Zig Ziglar said that a person, on the average, will deliver a life changing moment to 3 people/week.  They will influence 3 people/week for the rest of that person’s life.  How much of that is purposeful?  Most likely, very little.  Think about it.  Shift your perspective because you are the catalyst…no one is going to do it for you.  You have to take up the torch and move ahead.


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