Glimmer – Part 2

When I talk about being directed, I mean more that my concerns, prayers and thoughts were being focused.  This is just “scratching the surface”.  Just as you would read material for a school assignment so that you could write a paper on it and use the knowledge in your everyday life, making a list of prayers and goals keeps your mind headed in the right direction.  Read that same material again and what happens?  You not only reinforce what you read the last time, you usually catch something that you didn’t the time before.

Why is this so important?  Well, the funny thing about it is that I have read this kind of stuff for years and you are reading it now.  We can read about it everyday if we like but if you do not step out and actually do it, it is worthless…and much of this builds on some of my previous posts concerning integrity, purpose, principle, etc.

Did you get the glimmer?  You know…that fleeting thought that you wish you could have held on to?  The only way to make it more than a glimmer is to go through the motions again so that you can catch it, just like I talked about with the prayer list.

If you decide to make a prayer and goal list, make sure that you structure it so that it reflects the person you aspire to be and would best serve others.  Make it editable because you will grow.  Fall back on what I said earlier about reading and reinforcement.  Read it every morning, even if you do not want to.  If you miss a day, just read it the next day but do not stop altogether.  Read it, edit it, focus on how it can direct you.  Then move ahead knowing that your direction is confident.  This is a secondary purpose for a prayer/goal list.


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