Another building block that was missing

I was discussing purpose with my son the other day and I realized another one of those tenets that was missing from my childhood because of my father’s absence:  direction.

I was explaining to him that even though he does not do exactly what we want as parents, we have tried to stress the necessity of goals to keep his direction right.  My mom did her best with all of the resources that she had but still, she could never be my dad.  She made sure that we were at church every service.  Having the responsibility of being the church pianist kept us there.  I grasped great life principles while I was at church but no one taught me how to lead.

Leading is something that unfortunately I have had to learn by trial and error…and reading.  Something that I have realized is that when the Bible talks about keeping your “eye on the prize”, the apostle Paul is not just speaking about salvation…he is speaking about direction.  Unwavering, he wrote.

It is not about perfectly seeking that goal.  It IS about shaking it off when you get off track.  It IS about slapping yourself in the face and looking forward.  It IS about real successes and failures…how you live with BOTH.

Direction keeps you heading from the foundation to the end where all that is left is eternity and legacy.


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