Decisions, decisions, decisions. You find yourself running on autopilot for many of them. Why is this? Is it safe to do so? Examine the term “autopilot”. It means to run on predetermined decisions without interventions. The morning ritual that you have when starting your day, the way you start your vehicle, and the way you prepare a certain type of meal are all forms of autopilot. They all have predetermined decisions that have been proven to work over and over. Do you ever change these decisions? Why? Because of situations dictating the need to do so.

We are operating on autopilot much more than we know though. It is because of predetermined decisions and the ability to put them to use in our lives. This is why it is so important to learn about successful people, the life decisions they made and apply them to our own lives. Those predetermined decisions become principles and principles become a way of living. We have a mission as responsible men to live with great principles.

Advance with great principles.


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