Facing Yourself

With so much technology available to do so much today, you are able to accomplish so much more than you were in the past. So, more and more new ways of saving time being available, are you feeling like you are doing all that you can? Do you find that looking back at your past, you wish you would have done more?
The fact is that you cannot change the past but you can build on it. Many things that you have accomplished, whether productive or wasteful, you can choose to learn from. I usually talk about standing on giants’ shoulders but what about the mountain of experience that you have created. Are you sitting at the bottom of that mountain, looking up at the heights you were previously? Or are you standing on top of it to get a better view of what you can add to it?
Let’s be real. I mean really real for a minute. What is your purpose? Are you at least trying to find your purpose by looking, trying and/or doing anything? You can sit and ponder all day but being really real, what are you doing about it?
The quote “Insanity is repeating the same action and expecting different results” does not help you if you keep doing the same things that produce nothing…and that mountain of experience will not lead you to standing on giants’ shoulders if you do not build.
Face yourself and build.


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