Have you ever had the crazy thought that possibly you are the only real human on the planet and everything else is just controlled?  You know, like the Truman Show, except on a grander scale where everything else is not real just put there to see how you will react?


I was reading in Jonah this morning and I get the notion that Jonah was feeling that way but more towards just being selfish.  In chapter 4, he was so disgusted with life that when the shade protecting him went away and he was exposed to the sun, he told God to just kill him and get it over with because the situation at Ninevah was just hopeless.  He had already been through the fish portion of the program and had some small success with converting a few but the actual enormity of the situation had taken him over and he was done.


God, in no uncertain terms, then scolded Jonah and told him that he could not really see past the nose on his own face.

That is where we are at times…thinking that the whole world is full of His glory and its purpose is just for us.  Purpose, in life, is not about just me.


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