Zig Ziglar talked about goals quite often.  He once said that a blindfolded man cannot hit a target and great men didn’t get where they are by wandering around and letting it happen to them.  What is the best way for you to make realistic, incremental goals and stay headed towards them?  Making goals should be something taught to everyone, but through all of the initiative that is made towards educating the public, there always will be a large majority that will not listen and learn.  In the past, I was one of those.  So why do I choose this direction now?  Is it age, maturity, events in life, hormones, etc?  Maybe a combination.


There are some things that I missed not having a dad in the house but still if he would have been there, some  things would have been missing still.  My father took initiative to get things done hastily many times and it seemed that he did so without thought.  The truth was that he had thought it out thoroughly but not communicated his intentions well or even at all.  His endeavours were usually met with limitations because of his inability to trust beyond his own efforts and thoughts.


Communication and goals go hand in hand.  Goals serve to communicate your intentions to your immediate world.  They will always be naysayers and critics and, for the most part, that may be all that they ever become.  You are no better than them.  You have had some of the same thoughts.  You can choose.  Let that ring through your day today.  You can choose.


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