“WoW” (Word of Wisdom) #4: Its not about power, its about endurance.

This advice goes back to the beginnings of sports with my oldest.  Everybody was always bragging about how much weight they could lift when the experts would say for younger athletes to concentrate on low weight and high repetitions.  It did not matter how many times that I would tell my boys what the experts said, they always wanted to try and “kill” themselves by trying to lift too much weight.  I started explaining it to them a different way to get my point across.

You see, when you go on to the football field, or any sporting event for that matter, your purpose is not give your best and most extreme effort on your first play and then go home.  It is about giving a great effort over and over.  Your workout program should have you not only surpassing your opponent efforts but when the buzzer sounds at the end of the game, you should be expecting overtime.

How true this is about sports but more than that, how true it is about life.  Should you strive to get your “15 minutes of fame” or should you be great at what you do and finish strong?  How many times are we trying to make a big impact when the real question should be if you are consistent in your ability to impact?

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