Word of Wisdom #3 – Decide What You Believe

You may have heard the saying “Believe  in something lest you fall for anything”.  There is much truth to that saying but it really does not go far enough.  You can say that you believe in anything but unless your belief has a firm foundation then your belief can be swayed easily.  Really, there is nothing wrong with your belief being swayed but the key word there is EASILY.  It is your responsibility to yourself and your family to have a solid foundation for your belief so that it takes a lot to alter your beliefs.

If a friend, colleague, girlfriend or even your own child, asks you why you do the things you do, the appropriate answer is not “I dunno?”.  Take the time to cement your foundation in why you believe what you think that you believe.  If you do not know, ASK!  My kids have heard this over and over:  “Don’t assume, ASK!!!”  If the person you ask does not know, ask someone who does.  One of my favorite sayings is “He that does not know, does not ask enough!”  And if you have never the division of the word “assume” from the “Bad News Bears” movies, it goes like this:  Don’t ever assume anything because if you do, it makes and ASS out of U and ME.  


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