A Different Direction? Maybe…

As I have been contemplating my blog and where it had been going (which was nowhere, it seemed), I think that I realized what my original focus was for this blog. The original focus was to provide something for my children to help guide them on the way to adulthood and something that they could refer to later on, if they so desired. If I gained other readers along the way then that was fine since I was making the blog public. I have been seeking different articles and documents for my sons to read when they could, about what I desired to see in myself as a man especially if I had not mastered it but somehow they could. I realize that I could not teach them everything and some lessons I could teach better if I had the forethought (or afterthought) to write it down here.

So here it is. My last post was a short one because I saw the need to refer readers to another great blog or site called The Art of Manliness. They have compiled many interesting articles and posts from a variety of authors. Some are good…some are OK…some are just plain weird…some you won’t agree with. But, hey! Find me a blog that you totally agree with all of the time, huh?

Right now I am 47 years old and working my way slowly towards my Bachelors degree and learning many lessons that my sons and posterity may be able to profit from.

First word of wisdom: Choose something as your career that you can do better when you are 65 than when you are 25. Find what you love to do and apply that to it.

Second word of wisdom: Remember this quote (or at least the lesson from it) from Corrie ten Boom: “Those who were able to forgive their enemies were able also to return to the outside world and rebuild their lives, no matter what the physical scars. Those who nursed their bitterness remained invalids.” Unforgiveness will kill every dream that you ever had.

More to come or as they would say in the news business, “Developing…”


Write This Down: Note-Taking Strategies for Academic Success | The Art of Manliness

This may sound stupid and you may think that it has nothing to do with my blog but I believe that there are a few skills that men need to hone.  This is one.  How to pay good attention to what is important and write it down to commit it to a solid memory foundation.

The blog may be taking a turn here.  We will see.

Write This Down: Note-Taking Strategies for Academic Success | The Art of Manliness.