I have had more than my share of surgeries in my life, in my opinion, but this one has been one of the toughest to navigate through. Not being able to type for over 2 months…UGH!!! I have battled pain and depression. I have had people encourage me to the best of their ability and still just the thought of not being able to do simple tasks around the house has brought me to the brink of insanity at times. As you can see now, I can type enough keep my thoughts flowing but GOOD GRIEF; I never dreamed that temporarily losing the use of my right arm would affect me so much.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers. I think most of them have been redirected towards my family to help them deal with my grouchiness Smile.

Soon to come…my many ponderings on fatherhood, responsibility, integrity and husbandry that have surfaced during my time of insufficiency. Yes, I am back and toying with the idea of the challenge of blogging daily as therapy. Might be good…might not! We will see.

The theme of my writings will not be so much overtly christian, just the fact that I am a christian man living in the same world as everyone else. How God is involved in how I live is just the way it is. I have said for many years that everyone is a minister, just a minister of what? People who omit God from their life, have to make an effort to do so. I will not.

Heading to physical therapy in the morning to get my arm twisted (literally) so that I can rotate my arm normally again.

By the way, the idea of blogging on my iPhone may be good for some people but I better have something very important to say before I do that. I typed a 800 word essay with my thumbs once…ONCE! Never again. Gotta do it here on my laptop.