Why did they say it over and over?

Did your parents or grandparents ever say the same thing to you over and over and over….?  Oh my gosh, it got so old.  It may have gotten so old that you even vowed not to do that to your children when you became a dad.

So why did they do stuff like that?  Was it just that it was all they knew or something?  It seemed that way but when you become a parent, you see through the eye’s of your own parent and as if by magical powers, their own words that you hated to hear, come right out of your own mouth.  Sooner or later, depending on your willpower, it will eventually happen.  And when it does, you can either curse yourself or laugh and learn from it.

I was talking to a new dad the other day and I relayed to him that just as in school, repetition is the key to learning.  So it is okay to engrave your words into your children’s minds.  Is it really necessary though?  For some kids who have trouble retaining things, absolutely yes.  For others, absolutely yes.  Get as much good in their heads as early as possible.  It is true that mysterious aliens attempt to come into your house when each of your kids are between 12 and 14 to suck the common sense portion of their brains out until they are at least 25.

What  I am getting at is that it is a myth that we should stop teaching our kids (and ourselves, for that matter) stuff that we already know.  Their minds get rusty if not oiled frequently with great wisdom.  Their intellect gets stale.  Publc school teachers admit that the first 3 months of each school year are used to just catch the kids up to speed on what they are already supposed to know.

Do not let weeks go by without teaching your kids something.  Make it a conscious effort.  You do not have to publicize it.  It can be your personal agenda that only you and your wife know about.  Set out to teach a valuable lesson on purpose and let them see it come from you.  In turn, they will do the same for their kids when they get older.  And tell the story of when you taught them.

Legacy is a good thing, guys.  Leave one for them that they are proud of.  If only for them, it is good enough.


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