My wife went to a parents support group meeting tonight as an observer for one of her college courses and her major.  She told me of the parents who were having trouble with their kids and that some of the kids showed up as well to work on their problems too.  As she was telling me about this, I wondered why my mom never went to any of these types of meetings or were there any when I was growing up.

The incredible humility that it took the members of each family to seek out help and the kids that were considered the problem, realizing that for their family to survive, they needed to show up too.

You know, really, once a kid gets a certain age, you cannot really make them do anything.  Consider this:  I have a 12 year old son that out weighs me by 20 pounds.  If I say to do the dishes and he says “I don’t want to”, I can’t physically pick him up and move him to the sink and make him move his arms.  If I beat his butt to a pulp, I would be tired and the dishes would still not be done.

It is important as a man to be able to humble yourself and think ahead like a chess match.  It is not the same circumstance for every family but consider your humility before handing out consequences.  Take a minute and think before you act.  It’s ok.  The world will not end as you know it.  Just make your decision well and stick with it.  If you make a mistake, admit it and correct it.  It just means that you are human.  But your kids will see you as superhuman for your humility.

Who knows…your wife might too.


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