Do Over: Humility

Sometimes, days happen where you lose your self control. Pride gets in the way and you end up wondering if you deserve to be a dad. Today, unfortunately, was one of those days.

But this is actually where humility steps in. When you crash and burn. When you see how much of a rearend you can be. Your job is to suck it up and man up to your mistake, especially if it is towards your wife and/or kids.

Why is it when we as men screw up concerning our family, it is so hard to own up to our mistakes? Pride rears its ugly head again. Pride is good when expressing that a job is well done…not when your own attitude actually causes your child to lose it.

The “giant” stands before me and says “What are you gonna do then?” Decision time…I retreat to my room, compose myself and man up to my child that I can apologize for my unreasonable attitude. I pray that he does not act this way to his kids, but if he does I want him to see how to humble himself.

We stand on giant’s shoulders, so that we may become one.



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