“About” page added. It will be modified, I am sure.

About NoblemanStands-
I do not think that it would be fair to just describe myself, but more of the reason for the blog.  NoblemanStands is my way of learning, encouraging and developing the brand of being a man.  Many men in this country (USA) have been raised by their mothers when their fathers chose to be absent.  If the father was not there because of work, divorce, death, war, etc., the void left in a young man heart is hard to fill and masculinity can be distorted because of that absence.  It can be filled with television, sports, sex, music, drugs and even violence.  But nothing can fill the hole like the masculine influence of a good father.

Qualities that I attribute to masculinity are bold, brave, courageous, gallant, honor, powerful, resolute, robust, stout-hearted, and vigorous.  It is level-headed and does not hold grudges.  It is mature but able to play games with children.  It is able to lead but willing to follow.  It can say no when necessary but says yes when appropriate.  It seeks to improve self and encourage others but stands against irresponsible behavior.  It seeks knowledge and wisdom while discouraging ignorance.  It gives without selfishness and takes only when it is just.

Me?  In short, I am a happily married father of 3 adopted boys who was raised by his mother from the age of 6.  The void that was left by the absence of my father has been hard to replace, but I have found the heart of a father through much struggle and pain.  My hope is that my posts can help other men to find their true father’s heart.



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